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Cybercrime causes yearly financial damage close to $600 billion worldwide, nearly one percent of the global GDP (CSIS). This damage can certainly be reduced by producing more secure and reliable software.

Current software testing approaches are insufficient. For example, static analysis techniques produce a high rate of false positives. As a result, these approaches require security experts to manually analyze the results and identify real security issues among a large amount of generated warnings. Penetration tests, done by security experts, but are only conducted irregularly and are usually separated from the development process.

The core problem for businesses is twofold: firstly there are too few IT security experts, and second, testing for security and reliability issues is not automated sufficiently. Additionally, software security testing faces unique challenges in important application areas such as:

Internet of Things

When developing for IoT, it is difficult to test the code outside the embedded device making testing slow and cumbersome. Code Intelligence supports testing of embedded software on a variety of different architectures without requiring tests to be conducted on the embedded device itself.

Financial Services

In the area of financial services, it is necessary to conduct high-performance tests. Fintech testing must ensure that the code is both secure and reliable. Milliseconds can mean millions. Code Intelligence has unique fuzzing techniques to test financial software reliability.


In the automotive industry, the main aim is to prevent the significant safety risks arising from the combination of physical features with connected technologies. Automotive security testing plays an increasing role in ensuring the security of modern vehicles.

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